Thursday, August 1, 2013

Final frog head count in Peru

Frog headcount when we left Texas was 141. But when all frogs in Peru were shared, each mom wrote her name down because each family received one frog, and the final head count was 154. The Frogs will be loved on by many children for years. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. 

My prayers are that each child will learn to fully rely on God. Amen. 

Mi praters cada niño aprenderá Depender completamente de Dios. Amen. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last night in Peru

Thank you God for an amazing day. 

Friends please have patience. I will post photos soon. 

149 frogs were shared with families in Peru today.. Pictures to come.

Please keep your frogs safe until we meet again. It will be great to see how your children have grown over the Years. 

Also remember each frog has a friend in Texas praying for you.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Frog Ball story

Inspired by a family member who just returned from Peru....that many children can play with 1 ball. 

As I left work one day I saved a Frog Ball that had been left outside. A sample of a toy for sale next door to my salon. I put it inside since they were closed and went home for the night. 
When I arrived at work the next day I saw through the window more Frog Balls for sale. I asked if they had more and purchased all 3 the 2 new ones and the one I found outside. Wishing for more than 3 I asked if they could order more? 10 sounded like a great number so I ordered 7 to make 10. When the order arrived a few weeks later they came in 2 large boxes. We opened them and found 12. And they were on 2 get one free. So now we have 15 Frog Balls total. Wow!

Many choose to hug a Frog Ball and send it to Peru.

Wow! Again. How do I get 15 Frog Balls to Peru? Oh yes we let the air out. Ok! Now how do we air them back up? Air pumps! What if an air pump breaks? Ok we will buy 2. The needle is small and could get lost or broken. Ok so we bought 2 packs of needles. Plus the pumps came with needles. How will the balls be stored in Peru? So we found mesh bags which hold 8 balls each. We bought 2. Thanks mom for going shopping with me. 

15 Frog Balls
2 air pumps
8 needles
2 mesh bags

Next the Frog Balls were part of the large group picture. See post from 7-17-13.

Now to let the air out. With a great helper we put the needle in and hugged them.

Now they took up less space in each suitcase. 

All suitcases arrived in Peru safely and so did we. Praise The Lord for safe travel. Amen.

So now in Peru the next order of business was to find all 15 Frog Balls, pumps, etc.  12 Frog Balls and 1 pump showed up quickly. So I started blowing up a few. I had to stop when the frogs got loose in the hotel. See post titled...."the frogs got loose in the hotel".

More Frog Balls to blow up will have to wait for the bus ride to Carabyllo. With 2 pumps, 2 mesh bags and many flat Frog Balls I accepted help. A Big Thank You to Ingrid and Nancy for adding air to 6 of the 15 Frog Balls. 

Now to write on each Frog Ball. That was little tricky on a bumpy bus ride but I managed. 

But we still were missing 3 Frog Balls. As suitcases of supplies were emptied they were found. Now to air them up. Thanks to these guys of the church who helped. 

And these ladies who made sure they didn't roll on the floor. 

Now they are ready to be given to the pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Carabyllo.

It is official The Pastor now has all Frog Balls, pumps, needles, and mesh bags as a New addition to the church. The balls are also numbered so when played with they can be counted and returned to be used by many children for a long time. But when would they be played with I wondered?

Well.....when extra children arrived Saturday for their normal bible study which was cancelled because of the medical mission the pastor thought quickly let's get a couple of the Frog balls out and let the kids play. And boy did they for over 2 hours 20-30 children and adults played a variety of games. 

Including my favorite "duck, duck, frog", also pass the ball with only your finger tips without letting the ball hit the ground. Another group was seeing how high they could make it go. 

Here the kids are passing a Frog Ball with a partner to the next set of 2. 

I would say the FROG BALLS were a hit. 

Praying these 15 Frog Balls will be more than just cute green balls but offer fun and fellowship between the children of Carabyllo and an opportunity for them to invite a friend to church to play with the Frog Balls too! Amen. 

The next time you see a frog will you think of this blog?