Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 2 Thursday - a day to get organized

Very little sleep but breakfast was yummy. 

After breakfast I went to the desk to ask a question and Carmen (my translator) was standing behind me. I screamed and hugged her. She stopped by to invite me to dinner. So excited to have Peruvian food with her. 

She told me last week while they were working in Carabayllo the moms brought their frogs and asked "where is Mary Kay?" Wow! They missed me. I will get to hug them tomorrow. 

Then I bought water across the street. I'm so proud of myself. I went there and got back with out help. Making a purchase in Spanish is rewarding. 

Lisa and I went for a walk down to the Mall on the water. We look over and see 2 of our friends. So we became 4 women walking around the mall. I bought my first Inca Cola Zero. Tastes like cream soda but it's yellow. Walking back to the hotel we saw cute shops including a book store. 

A short nap then organizing all the supplies for VBS and the medical teams supplies at 3pm. 

Another nap before dinner. 

I realized I missed lunch and was getting dizzy. Headed to dinner with Carmen and Rosemary we went to Barronco and ate at Tio Mario. 

My favorite Peruvian dish Anticuchos which is cow heart on a stick. Supper yummy. 

Then to drink we had Chicha Morada a sweet drink made from Purple corn. For dessert Picarones made from Trigo like quinoa or rice, Sweet potatoe
Flour, Yuca, Pumpkin
Served with honey syrup
Honey and fig leaf and clove heated together. Amazing!

We walked around while Rosemary told stories of the area about a famous bridge and a cable car that would give you a ride down to the water. And the famous buildings. She was laughing and smiling while telling many stories. 

Riding home in a taxi is always an experience. The Mist in the air was enough that the driver had to turn on the windshield wipers. I'm glad I had a jacket on. It is winter here. 

Back in my room I Shared my evening with Lisa she shared hers too. Then she said she sees that the churches future lies in my hands. The younger generation is making a difference. It was nice to hear and be reminded that I was making a difference. 

Thank you Lord for this amazing day and for everything you have planned for this week. Help me to rest well and wake up ready to do your work in Carabayllo. Amen. 

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