Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Funny but not so funny story.

We are still in the airport waiting to leave for Peru. The airplane needs a part that holds the luggage in place. So now we are off the plane waiting for a new plane. Left for the airport at 12:12 pm and it is 7:12 pm. Prayers we board soon. 

The rest of the story…

Our plane left the ground in Houston at 8:49 PM and we landed at 2:52 AM. 

My favorite part of arriving in Peru week 2 is that we get to wave at our friends leaving to go home on the same plane we just got off of. Here they are waving at me. 

After getting our luggage and going through security to leave the airport we gather together. 

Next we load a bus 

and head to the hotel. Checked in at 4:35am. 

We unpacked and got settled in our room. 

3 extra frogs came too. 6 total. 

breakfast is at 6am. 

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